Sales Tax Nexus Determination

Nexus determination and registration for sales tax

Sales Tax Return Filing

Sales Tax Return Preparation

Accounting Solutions

Accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll

Federal Income Tax Preparation

Individual and business federal income tax preparation


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Expert Financial Services From Boswick

We have 25 years of experience across multiple industries such as sales tax, accounting, and income tax preparation.

Our Services

All services are offered completely online with flexibility in mind. Simple, fast, and convenient.

Income Tax Preparation

We offer the best tax services for the millions of US residents who are seeking help in reporting their taxes quickly and easily every year.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

BoswickBooks offers tailored and reliable accounting services. We know the confidentiality of your proprietary data, that is why we keep it extremely secure and don’t disclose it to anyone.

Sales and Use Tax Services

Our sales tax firm helps small e-commerce businesses with sales tax returns, compliance reviews, audits, business registration and economic nexus determination.

About Us

Founded in 2005, and striving to simplify sales tax since.

We’re Passionate About Simplifying Finances for everyone

We have handled thousands of sales tax returns, income tax returns, and managed hundreds of accounts. Today, Boswick Enterprises LLC serves clients around the world.

Our Mission

To make financial services as affordable and convenient for our clients.

Our Vision

Simple and fast financial services for business and individuals of any class or status.

Our Features

Some of the many reasons that our process is the best.


simple Tax preparaton service

We offer tax preparation services completely online – From booking an optional one-on-one appointment to signing and filing your tax return. We utilize an online portal for easy, secure file exchange that you will have 24/7 access to. The online portal also has a messenger feature so you can directly communicate with your tax preparer.

Secure Online service

Returns and payments are submitted securely online. 

flexible appointments

Completely online appointments available at your request – and the best part, it’s included with your accounting and return filing fees!

Best Solutions for you and your Business

For everyone – individuals, joint filers, and business owners. We provide fast and efficient financial services for all.


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Cups of Coffees

No. of Clients

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More Services

Popular services beyond the usual accounting and income tax preparation.

Sales Tax Nexus Determination

Find out if your business is required to collect sales and/or use tax in jurisdictions across the nation.

QuickBooks Desktop Account Solutions

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